Plant Pesticide & Mildewcide

Without Toxic Chemicals

Trusted by Professional & Amateur Growers Worldwide

Why use toxic chemicals when you can use SB Plant Invigorator (SBPI)?

Controls a wide range of important pest species including Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite, Mealybug, Scale and Psyllid. Due to the physical mode of action these pests will not become resistant to SBPI. For use on all edible and ornamental crops

The world is becoming much more “environmentally aware”. Large supermarket chains are demanding lower and lower maximum residue levels (MRL) in fruit, vegetables and now even ornamental crops.

Unlike many other pesticides SBPI does not harm birds & bees

Used by professional and amateur growers and gardeners worldwide.

SBPI has a “physical mode of action”. The mode of action is non-chemical and non-biological. Pests will not become resistant to SBPI.

Why use SB Plant Invigorator?

Physical mode of pest and mildew control
Pests will not become resistant
No harvest interval
Suitable for use throughout the year
Plant wash for a cleaner, shiny appearance
Excellent shelf life

Where to buy SB Plant Invigorator?